As we mentioned at the beginning of the new year, we wanted to take some time off to just reevaluate our goals, dreams, and families and make sure that we were following God’s plan for our lives. In that time we’ve had a lot of plans and ideas for our blog.
We love this space and the way it’s allowed us to connect with like-minded mamas and amazing small businesses all over the world. We’ve put a lot of work into this and had so much fun making it all that it is today. Which is why our ultimate decision was very difficult. For the time being, we have decided to discontinue blogging here at Three Little Crowns. There are so many factors that went in to this decision and while we still sometimes wanna cry about it, ultimately, this decision brings us a lot of peace. We are at such a different place than when we started this blog almost 2 years ago. New babies, new businesses and lots on the go, and while we’ve loved this so much, we know it’s time to focus on our families and dream some new dreams. We are still best friends, we will still do life together like we’ve always done and who knows, we could even blog together again in the future!
Above anything else, we want to say thank you! There isn’t enough caption space to tell you guys how grateful we are for all your support. You might have been a follower from the beginning, a small shop that took a chance on a new blog, or someone who left words of encouragement in the comments. You were hands down our favourite part about blogging and you kept us going the past 2 years.
We will miss this community so much, so we would still love to connect and stay in touch with you guys! If you enjoyed our blog, we would love for you to come follow us on our personal accounts @britthavens and @natalieyoung29 where we both share bits of our lives, families, and some new and exciting things we’ve both got in the works!




xo Natalie and Britt


We love the Holidays and now that we have children, we love incorporating new Christmas traditions and making those memories with our families. It’s strange because growing up, your parents have traditions and you kind of just follow those, but it’s so cool when you get married and have a family of your own, how you get to decide on traditions and what you want your Christmas season to look like.

We wanted to share with you guys some of our favourite Christmas traditions. We love hearing about what other people do this time of year and getting inspired their traditions!



Sushi and Egg Nog: As gross as that combination sounds this is probably one of  my favourite (and the longest standing) of our Christmas traditions is decorating our tree. After our tree is cut down and set up, we order sushi, buy a big bottle of egg nog, put on some Christmas music, and get to decorating. I don’t know how this began but we’ve done it since we’ve been married. It’s not exactly traditional holiday food, but we love sushi and always look forward to this night. We eat a bit, then decorate, then back to sushi, then decorate some more. This year we even picked up a little sushi christmas ornament for our tree to signify our little tradition. Which brings me to our next tradition….

A New Ornament Each Year: Every year up until my husband and I got married, my in-laws would buy/make him a tree ornament. My mother in law got really creative and would make it something that reminded her of the year he had. She put the date on all 23 of them and gave them all to him to take when we got married.  It’s so cool now for my husband to unpack them all, look at the date and be reminded of that time in his life. Each ornament has such a cool story and was so thought out by his mom. We wanted to do the same for our kids so every year we get them an ornament that says something about the past year. For example, last year Dex was Batman for halloween, so his ornament is a little Batman. This year he is dump truck crazed, so it’s a little dump truck. I write the date on each one and plan on giving each of my kids their box of ornaments to take with them and start their own tree with.

Christmas Book and PJs: I feel like a lot of families do this and for good reason. Who doesn’t like fresh new jammies on Christmas eve! We get the kids some PJ’s and a Christmas book to read before bed. Recently, we’ve talked about moving this little gift to December 1st to “kick-off” the holiday season and get more wear out of the Christmas pjs and more time to read the book.

No Gifts Under the Tree Until Christmas Eve/Morning: This one is from my family and I LOVE it. Growing up, my parents wouldn’t put a single gift under the tree until after we went to bed. I remember maybe a year or 2 before I moved out (so I’m like 17), it was a couple days before Christmas and my mom goes, “Are you girls okay with me putting your gifts under the tree?”. My sister and I almost died. OF COURSE IT IS NOT OKAY! WE just loved going to bed with this big empty space under the tree and then on Christmas morning..BAM! SANTA CAME! My husband and I even do this and sneak our gifts to each other under the tree super late at night when we know the other is in bed for good. It’s kinda childish and silly but we just love that anticipation and excitement on Christmas eve.

The Christmas Story: This is another tradition I really love. Each year on Christmas morning before we open gifts we read the Christmas story from the bible (Luke 2:1-20). My husband and I did this even before we had kids, to just remind of us of the reason we are celebrating and what the gifts we are about to open are symbols of.  Dexter is most likely going to be forcing the bible shut in order to get to the presents (haha) but we know someday he will get it and appreciate that reminder on Christmas morning.




Elf on the Shelf: I had heard of this fun little activity for the past couple years but the twins weren’t old enough to start it until this year. At the start of December, we introduced them to “little Elf” who helps Santa build toys at night. Every morning they have to find where little Elf is and my husband and I have so much fun with this! He has been upside down in their boots, in the cereal box, on their potty, in mama’s coffee mug. They giggle every time they find him and have to give him a hug and a kiss before he goes back to sit on the shelf.

Building a Gingerbread House: This was always something my family did the week leading up to Christmas so I have loved carrying on this tradition with the boys! This year we got them a gingerbread train because trains are their current obsession and they definitely ate more then they decorated but they enjoyed it none the less!

BIG Christmas Morning Breakfast + The Christmas Story: Christmas breakfast at both our homes was always huge growing up. We wouldn’t need to eat again until the big turkey dinner at supper time! When Ron and I first got married we didn’t put as much emphasis on breakfast because we would often be travelling on Christmas Day but last year we found and made this amazing breakfast casserole and decided that was going to be our new Christmas morning tradition going forward! Like Britt’s family, we also make the Christmas story a priority of the morning, reminding the boys of the true reason we celebrate. We normally read it at the table during breakfast and before we do presents.

Kulkuls and Oliebollen: Each Christmas growing up, my family baked one traditional recipe from my dad’s side and one from my moms side together during the Holiday Season. Kulkuls are a sweet cookie made in India at Christmas time and Oliebolen is  a dutch treat (it tastes like a dutchie donut!) normally made at New Years. We haven’t started doing these in our own family yet because we still just enjoy the ones my parents make but I do plan to carry on these traditions with the boys as they grow older!

Christmas Eve Service, Board Games and Snacks: We normally go to our church’s early service at 5:30 on Christmas Eve and then we have family over for board games and christmas snacks. Since we travel so much over the holidays, we made a decision after the boys were born that while we have young kids,  Christmas Eve and Christmas morning would be spent in our own home.


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We love red lips for the holidays! They are super classic  and you can wear minimal makeup and throw on a red lip and look really put together!  Today we are sharing our top 3 holiday reds and some tips for applying red lipstick!

1. Exfoliate and moisturize. Before you apply red lips be sure to exfoliate your lips! We like this lip scrub (less than $2!) and this one is you’re wanting something a little more luxurious. Or you can always DIY one using some olive or coconut oil and sugar! Next you’ll want to apply a chapstick and let that sit for a while. Then wipe it off right before you apply your lipstick for smooth results.

2. Use a lip liner. No matter what formula you are using applying a lip liner gives you a super clean line! You can use a red, one that matches your lip colour or even a clear universal lipliner that helps with keeping the colour from bleeding.

3. Apply in thin layers. Start with a thin almost stain-like layer and build from there. Red lipstick can get “chunky” really quick and end up on your teeth so build slowly.

4. For a matte look, set with translucent powder. If you want that matter look but your lip colour is a different finish, dust some translucent powder overtop. This gives it that liquid lipstick look and makes it last forever!

5. Go around mistakes with concealer. After you have everything the way you want it, take a small brush and go around your lips with some concealer. This makes your lips pop and cleans up any mistakes.

Check out our favourites below!

Red lipsticks

MAC – Lady Danger – a vivid, matte, coral red.

Best Red Holiday Lips

MAC – Viva Glam I – a matte, brownish blue red.

Christmas Red Lips

MAC – Red – a vivid bright red with a satin finish.

(Britt’s Amen tee is found HERE)

What are your go-to red lipsticks? Do you rock this look over the holidays? Let us know in the comments! below!

Thanks so much for reading!

Last weekend both of our families got together to go get our Christmas trees at a local tree farm and Christmas tree village. This place is awesome! Pony rides, a Christmas train, hay maze, cookie decorating, candle making – it has everything. Naturally, we were pretty stoked and had visions in our head about this super festive day in the woods where we all sip hot chocolate And take photos that we will treasure for a lifetime. Without going into all the details (because honestly, there’s almost too much that went wrong) lets just say the day did not meet our big expectations. Wrong directions, cold hands and some huge toddler meltdowns that led to spending a lot of our time in the car calming them down. Literally, other moms were coming up to us and promising that “it gets better”.

It was a total mess! Although on the inside we were crying, we were both laughing by the end of it. Laughing at our super unrealistic expectations and the way we, as moms, plan everything our and envision these dream family memories. They are two – and we’ve never done this with two year olds before, so we shouldn’t have been so surprised when it all blew up in our faces.

After we got home we both (half) jokingly texted each other saying we were banning ourselves from Instagram because we couldn’t handle seeing all the perfect Christmas tree farm photos from that day. But that’s all they are, photos. Somewhere behind that perfect photo is a not so pretty moment, a crying toddler, a mom at the end of her rope, grasping at keeping this perfect family moment in one piece.

When we looked back at our photos from the day, we laughed and laughed. They looked….perfect. It looked like we had the best day ever. The perfect little Christmas tree date (minus the fact that we didn’t get any photos of the Christmas trees thanks to the chaos) with our families. Which proves our point even further – they’re just photos. They don’t and can’t tell the full story.

We’ve realized that unrealistic expectations can really work against you. Of course you expect things to be great, but learning to let go and go with the flow in these situations is something we are constantly working at being better at.
Christmas Tree Farm-21

Christmas Tree Farm-25Christmas Tree Farm-18Christmas Tree Farm-17Christmas Tree Farm-20Christmas Tree Farm-24Christmas Tree Farm-23Christmas Tree Farm-26Christmas Tree Farm-5Christmas Tree Farm-13Christmas Tree Farm-12Christmas Tree Farm-9Christmas Tree Farm-10Christmas Tree Farm-28

Christmas Tree Farm-7Christmas Tree Farm-27


Thanks so much for reading!

xo Natalie and Britt


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We are so excited to share our Christmas cards with you today! We both love designing and sending out Christmas cards each year. It’s a nice way to send family and friends a holiday greeting as well as an updated picture of your family. We also love how they serve as little time capsules and love to look back at all our cards over the years.

This year, we ordered cards from Artifact Uprising. We love their minimalist style and couldn’t wait to see our cards all put together! The design process was really easy too. You can do it on their website or app and you just choose the card you like and then upload the photo(s) you wish to use. They arrive really quick and look great!

Artifact Uprising also carries a ton of other products that would make amazing Christmas gifts! From photo books and calendars, to prints and wall art, they provide an awesome way to preserve and gift your memories. We love social media and being able to store our photos online, but there is something so nice about printing your memories and having them in your hands.

There’s still time to order your cards for this Christmas season so head over to their site to get started!

Christmas Tree Farm-34Christmas Tree Farm-4-2Christmas Tree Farm-2-2

Thanks so much for reading!

Natalie and Britt

  • I’m so glad you ladies posted this! And bonus, this company ships orders to the UK!! I ordered my cards today to be sent out for the New Year!